Bengali Sandesh


½ cup paneer / cheese
2 ½ tbsp. Powdered sugar
Pinch of cardamom powder
rose water
Garnishing as desired
Pista, almonds, saffron, Choco sprinkles or tutti fruit

How to make the recipe:

1.Add moist paneer, sugar (powdered) and rose water or cardamom powder to a nonstick pan, begin to heat on a low flame
2. Sugar melts and becomes gooey, continue to cook on a low flame till it reaches a thick consistency. It also begins to leave the sides and looks crumbly.
3. When it cools down. knead lightly. If you desire to add pista almond flour , you can add and knead it till everything blends well. I haven’t added any thing.
4. Roll them to balls and flatten a bit. Tuck whatever you wish to garnish in the centre.
5. Garnish with nuts or saffron.
6. Refrigerate and consume sandesh within 2 days...


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