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Chicken Popcorn Recipe

Popcorn chicken recipe – how to make crunchy KFC style popcorn chicken at home. To make chicken popcorn similar to KFC, is not difficult but need just small dedication for your recipe. You just have need to add a step, to soak chicken in butter milk (diluted yogurt) for at least 45 mins to 5 hours makes it tender and juicy. It yields tender bites that are so soft from inside and crusty outside since we will bread them before frying. However it is just an optional step.

If you are wondering why am I sharing a deep fried recipe here on a healthy recipes blog? I personally feel, it is right and healthier to enjoy deep fried foods at home rather than in take away or fast food outlets like KFC, since we can use the fresh and best kind of meat and oil to make these when prepared at home. We really don’t know the kind of oil or meat used when we eat out.
For a healthier homemade popcorn chicken recipe, use unbleached flours and whole grain bread crumbs or coarsely powdered cornflakes instead …

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