Chutneys come in two major groups, sweet and hot; both forms usually contain various spices, including chilli, but differ by their main flavor. In the olden days, fresh chutneys were ground on a stone called the ammikkal. But now days, it is prepared in electric blenders. The wet paste is later seasoned. Chutneys are a vital combination to most of the South Indian tiffins like the Idli, Dosa, Upma, Pesarattu etc.Fresh Chutneys can be prepared from Coriander, Mint or Pudina, Tamarind or Imli, Coconut, Onion, Tomato, Red chilli, Green Chilli, Peanut, Ginger etc. Other spices most commonly added to prepare the chutney are fenugreek, corinader, cumin and asafoetedia,.

Tomato chutney is one such variety inspired from the south indian cuisine.. .....

Ingredients :-

•Chopped tomatoes - 8 no.
•Chopped garlic - 6 clove.
 •Chopped green chilies - 3 no.
• Cashew nuts - 1 tablespoon.
•Chopped ginger - 1 tea spoon.
• Urad dal - 1 tea spoon.
•Mustard seeds - tea spoon.
• Hing - pinch.
• Cumin seeds - tea spoon.
• Curry leaves for flavour - 6 leaf.
• Red chilies - 4 no.
•Tamarind (lemon size prefered) - to taste.
• Oil - as required.
•Salt - to taste.
• Mint optional - 1 bunch.
•Grated coconut (optional) - 1cup.

How to make tomato chutney :-

1.Heat oil in a pan. Add Red chilli, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and saute.
2.Add green chillies, tamarind pulp, cashew nuts, curry leaves, hing and tomatoes.
3.Add salt and cook well.
4. Add mint leaves, grated coconut and cook for some time.
5.Now blend the entire mixture to coarse paste and season it with tempering .
6.Spicy Tomato chutney is ready to serve.


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