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US declares New Blood Pressure Limits- Get these foods for best BP management

Doctors at the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology now classify anyone with a blood pressure reading of 130 over 80 as having high blood pressure.
Before, the cutoffs for high blood pressure had been a top number of 140 and a lower number of 90.

Normal Blood Pressure: Under 120 over 80
Elevated Blood Pressure: Top number 120-129 and bottom number less than 80
High Blood Pressure / Stage 1: Top number of 130-139 or bottom number 80-89
High Blood Pressure / Stage 2: Top number at least 140 or bottom number at least 90
Researchers found that over half of the world's adults with high blood pressure lived in Asia. Around 226 million people in China have high blood pressure, along with 200 million in India.

Does this mean more medication is necessary?
No, Health experts are warning people to not rush to medication to lower their high blood pressure. They advise that there are many lifestyle changes a person can make to effectively keep their blood pressure …