Can Lemonade -Nimbu ka sharbat, beat the heat in this summer?

It's summer time, and its too hot to cope this heat, is'it ?
These sunny days are really very hot and our body needs to be hydrated properly in order to prevent from heat waves and other summer problems. Hence, doctors recommends to drink as much water as you can. But drinking plain water may be boring for us, so you can try this our summer special lemonade/lemon water/nimbu ka sharbat, whatever name you can call but its works very excellently to keep your body hydrated round the 24/7. 
If you wanted to chill yourself in this summer,  just try this lemonade or nimbu ka sharbat..🍹
this Lemonade contain mixture of  Lemon, sugar, salt, cumin  powder, chat masala and soda. 
This mixture provide us physical and mental energy. It not just gives you the needful energy, but also helps in digestion and burning excess fat.


 •Soda - 1 bottle.
• Pepper powder -1 teaspoons.
• Chat masala - 1teaspoons.
• Sugar - 2tablespoon
• Salt - to taste
•Lemon - 4 numbers.
• Mint - 1 springs.
• Cumin powder -a pinch

How to make lemonade (nimbu ka sharbat:-

1. Take lemon squeeze  out the juice in a bowl add sugar, salt, pepper, chat masal. mix all this till sugar disolves.
2. take glass,  pour this mixture as needed then add soda to it or water.
3.Another method-Squeeze out lemon  juice in bowl, take another bowl, add mint leaves, salt, sugar, crush iT.
4.add this mixture to lemon juice add cumin powder mix well. pour this in a glass as needed add soda or wate.
Lemonade is ready, serve it chilled.


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