karachi halwa/Bombay halwa

Ingredients for Bombay Halwa

  •  Cashewnuts - 1/2 cup.
  •  Ghee - 100 grams.
  •  Lime juice - 1 teaspoons.
  •  Water - 125ml ml.
  •  Cardamom powder - 1 teaspoons
  •  Sugar - 200 grams.
  •  Cornflour - 50 grams.
  • Food color -red, green, or yellow
How to make bombay/karachi halwa step by step
Bombay Halwa

How to make Karachi halwa

1. Take a bowl add sugar and water bring it to a boil, add lemon juice. In a small bowl add water to corn flour mix well so that it doesn't form any lumps. In a non-stick pan add ghee do not switch on the flame now, and add cornflour mixture to it then mix it. Now switch on the flame on very low.
2. When the mixture is ready,  switch off the flame and add sugar syrup slowly and keep mixing to avoid lumps repeat the same till syrup is completed.
3. Now switch on the flame and keep mixing now add ghee very slowly keep mixing repeat the same process till the ghee is completed.
4. Now add color, cardamom powder cook till ghee is oozing out, now add broken cashew nuts mix well once it is done transfer it to a plate.
5. Grease the plate with ghee and pour the mixture. keep aside for 1hr and cut into small pieces.


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