Kaju katli burfi


Cashew nuts-300 gm
Sugar-150 gm
Ghee-4 tbsp
Elaichi powder-1/2 tsp

How to make kaju katli-

1.at first soaked cashew nuts in hot water for 1 hour.
2.drain cashew and grind it in a fine paste.
3.heat ghee in a pan & add sugar(grinded) and paste in it.
4.keep stirring & cook on a low flame.
5.when mixture become uniform turn off the gas.
6.after cooling of mixture add elaichi powder.
7.Now take 2 polythene.
8.apply ghee on one side of polythene.
9.put 1polythene On your kitchen slab.
10.take a ball of mixture & put it on polythene.
11 .take other polythene above mixture& press on it.
12.now roll it by a rolling pin.Garnish it with silver paper.
13.you can cut it in your desire shape either rectangular or diamond shape.
 Kaju katli burfi is ready to serve...enjoy it!


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