How to make Chicken tikka

How to make Chicken tikka.

Chicken tikka is one of the most popular chicken starter or appetiser from Indian Cuisine and is popular across the world. 

What is Chicken tikka

Tikka means a cube or a piece and chicken tikka is a cube of chicken that is marinated in spiced yogurt mixture called the chicken tikka marinade. Chicken is left to soak up for few to several hours to tenderise naturally and absorb the flavors. Then the chicken cubes are grilled in tandoor oven or barbecued.

How to prepare Chicken tikka

For a home preparation, making chicken tikka recipe in an oven, is convenient, the way I made them here. If the chicken tikka is made to enjoy as an appetiser, we use gram flour / besan and if the tikka is made to prepare a chicken tikka masala gravy, then gram flour should not be used since it alters the taste of the gravy entirely.

To make chicken tikka recipe, food colour is often used you can use as required. If you are particular about the colour, I suggest using a good Kashmiri red chili powder or paprika which yields a good vibrant color.

Adding too much of garam masala or spice powder, leaves a bitter taste to the tikkas. So adjust the quantity slightly to suit the taste. To make the best chicken tikka, always use hung curd or thick curd that has been drained off well otherwise the tikka doesn’t turn out good.

How to make chicken tikka recipe in oven with step by step pictures

1. Add curd, lemon juice, ginger garlic paste and all other spice powders to a plate and mix well.
Chicken tikka ingredients
2. Add oil to the marinade. Oil helps to tenderise the chicken when used along with yogurt or lemon juice.

3. Add the chicken that is drained completely. Make sure there is no water dripping from the chicken before you add it to the marinade.

hoe to marinate chicken tikka masala
Step to marinate chicken tikka
4. Mix everything well. Set this aside for at least an hour to over night in the fridge. If you have meat tenderizer, you can use it. But that is optional.
5. When you are about to grill them, soak the skewers for 30 minutes in water to prevent burning. Preheat the oven to 240 C. Set aside the chicken removing excess marinade. To the excess marinade add the cubed veggies. Toss them to coat the marinade well.
6. Skew them alternately chicken , onion and capsicum. Grill this for about 20 to 30 minutes.
Serve chicken tikka with mint raita.


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