Sesame Dates Laddoo


300 grams dates (280 grams seedless) 
¾ to 1 cup sesame seeds (use as needed, prefer unhulled)
¼ cup sesame seeds for rolling
¼ cup cashews or roasted peanuts (optional)
4 green cardamoms / elaichi

How to make sesame dates laddoo:-

1. Dry roast sesame seeds on a low to medium heat until they turn aromatic.
2. Cool them and powder along with cardamoms.
3. Mash the dates well. If not using soft or medjool dates, then chop them and saute in 1 tsp ghee or coconut oil until soft.
4. Then add the sesame seeds powder little by little and knead to a soft mixture for 2 mins. Add cashew and roll.
5. Pinch off little mixture and roll to balls.
6. Roll them in sesame seeds or desiccated coconut.
7. Store dates sesame ladoo in a air tight jar.


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