Benefits of Eating Dinner before 7pm

It's well known that eating late in the night affects a person's metabolism, but now a study has found that it impacts overnight blood pressure & raises risk of heart attack, setting the dinner deadline at 7pm. The research, which examined more than 700 people, warns against late-night dining and points out the possible implications.

Why you should Eat early? 

Eating late night puts people at danger of heart attacks & strokes, warn experts.
Adults should ideally eat before 7 PM
Early dinner gives the body time to wind down & rest
Dinner within 2 hours of going to bed keeps the body on high alert & blood pressure doesn't fall properly overnight
Eating late can do more damage to the heart than having a diet with high in salt

What the studies say about early eating

  • Cardiologists at a Turkish University studied over 700 men & women with high blood pressure to establish the effect eating times and consistency of diet had on their health
  • Eating later than 7 PM was found to have the most impact on BP
  • People almost twice as likely to suffer from the non-dipper hypertension (pressure does not drop properly overnight)
  • 25% of those who had dinner within 2 hours of bedtime didn't see sufficient blood pressure fall
  • 14% who ate earlier had normal fall in blood pressure (by at least 10%)
  • Eating after 7pm triggers production of stress hormones such as adrenaline, could affect circadian rhythms
  • People who missed breakfast also less likely to see the crucial fall in blood pressure.

So, friends it is hard to follow these rules?

I would like to quote a simple sentence “Prevention is better than cure”
It is well known fact that, our ancestors used to go to bed very early after dinner before around 8pm and used to wake up in early morning. This may be the reason for their fitness and sound health. But in this era of technological advancement we have forgotten the actual lifestyle and adopted present day habits.
For a healthy body food intake and its benefits also depend on our lifestyle.
So, friends adopt a time in between to manage your responsibilities.

What should be intermediate right time?
Experts earlier agreed on the deadline for dinner is around 8 pm. eating late also slow down the body metabolism, resulting in obesity and increased risk of heart attack.

How to lose Weight by early eating?

As mentioned early eating will also help to digest food which in terns helps to reduce/loose excess weight.


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