Apple muffins

Apple muffins are Delicious is loved by also loves this type of dessert .Apple Muffins are super easy to muffins are full of 🍎apple flavour.You also love this simple apple muffins recipe....

Ingredients :-

Maida- 2cups
Baking powder -2tsp
Cinnamon powder -1/4tsp
nutmeg powder -1/4tsp 
Salt-1/4 tsp
Milk -1cup
Oil/butter-1/4 cup
Apple-1cup (peeled, chopped)
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How to make apple muffins :-

1.preheat oven to 400 degrees F°.
2.Grease 12 cup muffins tin Or use paper liners.
3.combine all the dry ingredients by food processor or wire whisk. another bowl combine wet ingredients.
5.add chopped apple and wet ingredients to dry ingredients.
6.stir only untill moistened.
7.spoon into prepared muffin tin's.
8.bake for 20 minutes.
Apple muffins is ready to serve...


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