Cheese Sandwich

Ingredients :

4 slices - bread
2 ,4 slices -cheese
Butter as needed
Fresh or dried herbs like oregano, basil or coriander leaves
½ to 1 tsp -Red chili flakes or green chilies
½ to 1 tsp-pepper crushed

How to make cheese sandwich recipe:

1. Add butter to a hot pan and place the bread slices. You can also smear the softened butter over the slices. If your butter isn’t soft, then you can also add it to the hot pan.
2. Toast until golden on one side of both the slices.
3. Flip one of them and place a cheese slice or grated cheese. Sprinkle the flavorings you desire like pepper, red chili flakes and oregano. Place the golden side over the cheese.
4. Flip and toast on both the sides on a medium heat until the cheese melts off.
5. Take care not to burn.
Halve the grilled cheese sandwich and serve hot or warm.


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