Chilled Rice Pudding-Phirni Recipe

This light, creamy and sweet phirni is actually a chilled rice pudding flavored dish added with with rose water, makes it very tasty and mouth watering taste and excellent accompaniment for a hot summer day or after a spicy meal.

How to make phirni in just 3 step -
Phirni recipe

Phirni/chilled rice pudding ( Image courtesy: milkmaid)

Ingredients for Phirni-

  • 1 tin - Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 3 cups (450 ml) - Milk
  • 100 gm - Rice
  • 1 tsp - Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder
  • few - Rose Petals
  • 1 tsp - Rose Water

How to make a Chilled Rice Pudding/Phirni

  1. Soak rice in water for 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Drain water and grind to a fine paste. 
  2. Add milk to paste and heat together, stirring constantly so that the mixture does not stick to the bottom. 
  3. Bring to a boil. Cook for 5 to 8 minutes. 
  4. Add Sweetened Condensed Milk and remove from fire. 
  5. Add elaichi (Cardamom) powder and rose water. 
  6. Leave to cool by setting it into a refrigerator. 
  7. Serve garnished with rose petals.


  1. Yummy, This is my favourite dish. Thank you for step by step guide for Phirni recipe.


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